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Orange County theft crimes attorneys

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Orange County theft crimes overview and more

What’s Classified as OC Theft?

Orange County follows the California theft crime laws that  classifies the following as theft crimes that must be punishable when convicted in court:

  • Petty theft
  • Grand theft
  • Robbery
  • Identity theft
  • Lost property appropriation
  • Burglary
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud
  • Grand theft auto
  • Grand theft firearm
  • Auto burglary
  • Carjacking

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Overview of California penal codes on common theft crimes

California executes different parts of its Penal Code on different types of theft crimes.

The larceny crime is placed in Penal Code 484 and 488 where property worth a maximum value of $950 is stolen and convicted as a misdemeanor.

However, a second offense could bring on a felony charge under Penal Code 666 which is regarded as a Petty Theft with a Prior.

A Grand theft crime in California is parked under Penal Code 487 where the stolen property is worth over $950. This could be a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on the item and related circumstances such as wrongful deaths in the incident.

Grand thefts in California could also include thefts of firearms or automobiles depending on the value of property stolen.

Burglary is considered a theft crime in California where an illegal entry is made with an intention of stealing another’s possession.

California exercises its Three Strikes Law on burglary offenses in convicting and punishing offenders.

Larceny crimes refer to the stealing of another’s property physically through:
• Trickery
• Embezzlement
• Fraud

Similarly, a shoplifting offense in California is classified under the state’s penal code 459.5 pc where theft is committed through a commercial establishment during its hours of business.

Larceny and shoplifting crimes are considered misdemeanors under the California theft crimes law with a small fine and short jail time in the county jail upon a first conviction. However, an experienced legal defense could be effective in defending petty thefts or shoplifting crimes through the right defense approach that is convincing and compelling to the judge and prosecution.

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Penalties for an OC theft conviction

The penalties and punishments of a convicted theft crime in California include:
• Heavy fines
• Long jail time in state or county prisons
• Offender registry record
• Community services
• Probation
• Unapproved green card or immigrant status

With the right Orange county theft crime lawyer, the above penalties will be reduced or dropped.

Prosecution and defense of stealing charges

As there are always two sides to the coin, there are also two sides to a theft charge.

The orange county theft crimes defense lawyer would execute the most aggressive approach in defending the theft offender or defendant to be dismissed from the charge while the prosecution would aim for a heavy conviction from reclassifying the charge as a misdemeanor to a felony.

The California theft crime laws allow both parties to showcase their legal presentation skills with the right eloquence and display of solid evidence that convicts or frees the theft offender. The prosecutor works to:
• establish the intention of the defendant to rob the property owner of his or her possession;
• prove the specific intention of the defendant to steal in establishing the crime in the form of another’s personal property, money, labor, or services.

In a grand theft crime, for example, the prosecution would charge the defendant with the stolen property of value above $950 or domestic livestock of $250. California Penal Code 490a now clarifies larceny, stealing, or embezzlement as theft and applies the same punishments and penalties accordingly.
California Penal Code Sections 484-502.9 list out the categories of theft clearly with their specific definitions and penalties upon conviction.

The changing theft law in California compels one to consult an experienced OC theft crimes defense lawyer who can help them win with potential defense strategies such as:

  • You did not know that you have the goods on you in the case of shoplifting charges
  • Police misconduct
  • Lack of evidence
  • Mistaken identity
  • False accusation
  • The intent of the accuser(s)

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