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Getting the right Fullerton criminal defense attorney law firm free consultation is an important step for your criminal case.

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Fullerton Criminal Lawyers,Laws and More

Fullerton criminal laws are mostly based on the California penal codes.

The state laws classify criminal offenses, making them easier to understand as well as easy to get equal and fair charges. DUI, domestic violence, and petty theft are some of the criminal offenses you could find yourself in requiring the assistance of a reliable attorney.

Legal representation can help reduce criminal penalties for you in case you are found guilty. Understanding the offenses is your first step to getting the necessary help.


– Theft under the state laws is defined as unlawful and intended property taking. For it to occur, the offender must have intentions to deprive the owner of the property permanently. This is under Cal Pen. Code, 484. Identity theft, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, and receiving a property that is stolen, all fall under theft offenses. Under the law, you will also be found guilty of theft if you:

  • Falsify information to sell items to pawnbrokers
  • Fail to return leased or rented property
  • Sell or transfer credit cards or debit cards unlawfully
  • Use someone else’s debit card or credit card information to obtain services or property
  • Fail to return materials belonging to a library
  • Obtain credit fraudulently
  • Misappropriate defendants property

Under the law items or property whose value is $950 and below falls under petty theft. They attract misdemeanor charges in case they fall under shoplifting offense and the offender has a clean criminal record prior to the occurrence.

If you are facing a theft contact a Fullerton domestic violence lawyer law firm immediately.

 Domestic Violence

Fullerton domestic violence can be defined as the threat of abuse or actual abuse when there is an intimate relationship between the abuser and the victim. They could be dating, married or domestic partners or people who used to date or live together and those that have sired a child together. Domestic violence comes in when there are marital or blood relations. The violence can be:

  • Sexual assault
  • Physically hurting or trying to hurt the other recklessly or intentionally
  • Bad behaviors such as destroying personal property, disturbing the peace, hitting or threatening, harassing and stalking
  • Instilling fear of getting hurt which could be in a threat to harm or promise to harm the person


Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol in Fullerton is a criminal offense in Fullerton.

These crimes are dealt with very seriously because they end up putting the lives of third parties at risk.

They are classified as misdemeanors or felonies with the latter attracting heftier consequences.

You can therefore be charged with misdemeanor offenses if you are found to be:

  • Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs under the California Vehicle Code 23152 (a) VC
  • Driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent or higher under California Vehicle code 23152 (b) VC2.

Whether you are facing a first or multiple DUI contact a Fullerton criminal DUI attorney law firm for your legal defense options.

How a Fullerton Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

When you hire a Fullerton criminal lawyer, he or she can help you

  • avoid prison
  • by negotiating with the DA to get your case dropped
  • by going to Fullerton court on your behalf thus
  • by finding the facts of your case
  • etc

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