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Orange County Restraining Order Defense Lawyer

Looking for an Orange County restraining order defense lawyer to aggressively defend you?

We can connect you with an Orange County restraining order attorney who can help people with the filing and defense of emergency protective orders, temporary restraining orders, permanent restraining orders, and violating an order.

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Orange County Restraining Orders

It is possible for an Orange County protective or restraining order to be imposed on the alleged crime offender if the judge feels that the alleged offender poses to be a threat to the safety of the victims and others.

This could happen as the defendant is allowed bail to carry on with their personal livelihood or agenda until the court hearing and judgment.

Understanding the Wider Scope of an OC Restraining Order

An Orange County restraining order defense lawyer can not only defend you against an order but also file for a permanent or temporary restraining order which is a court order given out to protect involved parties in the case from the alleged offender called the defendant.

The defendant is given strict boundaries not to cross until the case is closed with an official court hearing and judgment.

The defendant is instructed not to communicate with the parties to be protected in various forms such as:

  • Close contact with a certain number of meters
  • Audio communication that could be construed as harassment
  • Potential physical abuse
  • Following the protected parties frequently, which is known as stalking

A restraining order is usually very clear depending on the nature of the case to ensure full protection over the threatened party.

This includes a clear definition of contact that covers:

  • Personal contact within a certain distance
  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • E-mails
  • Social media network communication
  • Surveillance of different forms

Applications of Restraining Orders and their Coverage

The TRO or permanent restraining order that you or your  restraining order lawyer files in Orange County usually covers the following type of case:

  • Domestic violence cases
  • Civil harassment charges
  • Elderly dependent abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Workplace violence conditions

Domestic violence is often issued restraining orders to protect victims of abuse in the home within the family unit. Most domestic violence cases involve spouses while some include children and elderly dependents.

Civil harassment can cause the court to issue restraining orders to protect against potentially threatening parties such as acquaintances, neighbors, and public works personnel working in the neighborhood.

Elderly dependents may be subject to certain abuses in their own homes or nursing homes from caregivers without patience and compassion. Mentally challenged and physically challenged individuals may also be subject to physical, verbal, and emotional abuses that they are helpless to avoid.

Workplace harassment or violence happens subtly with the abused fearing a possible loss of employment through a filing with the company management or state judiciary.

Levels of Protection with OC Restraining Orders Issued by the Court

Protection for the abused or threatened parties could be categorized under:

* Emergency Protective Order

* Temporary Restraining Order

* Permanent Restraining Order

The category of the restraining order issued by the court depends on each case with a consideration of the best protection for the involved parties.

When you contact one of the restraining order lawyers in Orange County, he or she can help you file the correct order.

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