Orange County Bench Attorney & Arrest Warrant Lawyer
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Learn About and Get an Orange County Bench & Arrest Warrant Lawyer Help

If you have a bench or arrest warrant in OC it will be smart to learn more about it and hire one of the best  Orange County bench warrant attorneys near you.

You can speak to an Orange County bench and arrest warrant lawyer for free to answer your legal issues questions and defense options regarding your case.

Orange County Bench vs Arrest Warrants

Below are the differences between an Orange county Bench and arrest warrants. You can also speak to an OC criminal lawyer to learn more.

Bench Warrants

Bench warrants are issued by a judge at the bench pursuant to California Penal Code sections 166 and 978.5.

The person who has a bench warrant doesn’t need to have committed a crime for one to be issued against them.

OC Arrest Warrants

An Orange county arrest warrant is a warrant issued by the judge authorizing law enforcement offices to arrest and detain you if they suspect that you committed a crime.

The state arrest warrants penal code laws out the procedures for this.

Whether you are issued an arrest or bench warrant you need to speak to an Orange county bench and arrest warrant attorney for help.

More on OC Bench Warrants

California Bench warrants in OC are very common and probably the most common issued warrant types.

They are simple warrants issued by a judge, from the bench.

Unlike other warrants that are issued on crime suspicions, a bench warrant is issued for a couple of reasons.

They include failing to pay fines ordered by the court, failing to appear in court, and failing to obey other court orders.

When you fail to do any of the above, you are held in contempt of court, and that subjects you to the bench warrant.

Bench warrants in California do come with consequences and for this reason, you might need the assistance of a bench warrant attorney.

You could get probation violation, enhanced fines, suspension of your California driving license, and even county jail or a state prison sentence.

These charges can be in addition to other crimes that you might have committed.

An indictment by a grand jury in the state can also make you be subject to bench arrest if you happen not to be in custody.

Your Orange County bench warrant attorney will know how to best handle the situation on your behalf to get you out of trouble.

Recalling an OC Bench Warrant

Your lawyer might be required to appear in court to clear the arrest warrant from the judicial system when you have failed to appear in a court to pay fines connected to misdemeanor offenses.

In such cases, you do not need to be present and the attorney can recall the warrant even in your absence.

However, failing to obey orders that are connected with felony cases requires that you be present in the court to have the warrant cleared.

Law enforcement officers will be authorized to make an arrest and present you to court directly where you could be released with a warning or be incarcerated by the judge depending on circumstances leading to the arrest, flight risks, and your criminal history.

Bench warrants also come with time restrictions just like other arrest warrants.

If they are not served within a reasonable time after their issuance and you feel that your right to a speedy trial has been violated, then a dismissal can save the situation for you.

An arrest or bench warrant attorney in Orange County, California can use this path to recall your warrant.

Get Free Consultation  From a Warrant Defense Attorney

Contempt of court comes with consequences and to avoid such, you should consider hiring an Orange County bench and arrest warrant attorney to salvage the situation for you and keep the penalties at bay.


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