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Orange County criminal defense lawyers

People who get a favorable result for their criminal charges usually do something right: hire an Orange County criminal lawyer.

When you are facing OC criminal charges you need to lawyer up by having an aggressive Orange County criminal defense attorney with years of experience on your side.

We at OC Criminal Defense Pros recommend that you have criminal lawyers who are well respected by the County prosecutors and DA office, judges, and other legal professionals defending you.

It is an absolute must to hire one of the best criminal lawyers who can get favorable results in all cases if your goal is to retain your freedom or get your charges reduced in cases such as drunk driving, theft, sex offenses, drug offenses, rape, prostitution, restraining order defense, shoplifting, fraud, domestic violence, assault, burglary, expungement, etc.

When you hire the right law firm for your Orange County criminal defense case, you will have the confidence of knowing that they will provide you and your loved ones with quality legal representation and help you navigate the county criminal court systems.

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Orange County criminal defense attorneys, laws, practice areas, and more

Orange County criminal courts procedures are mostly based on the state penal codes.

Criminal laws in California are very complex and the state court system is also complex.

The state criminal statutes do not only cover definitions of illegal conduct but also specify convictions and penalties.

The state has different classifications for criminal charges such as felonies, infractions, and misdemeanors.


Felony crimes are the most serious and come with the harshest penalties such as many years of a life sentence in state prison.


Misdemeanor offenses are less severe and typically less than one year in county jail.


With infractions, you mostly just need to show up to court and pay a fine. However, if you do not show up a warrant will be issued which will compound the issue. You typically will not need an attorney’s representation for infractions.

Whether you have felonies, misdemeanors, or an infraction in OC, you will be wise to retain an experienced Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

The state is very detailed and thorough in many areas of crimes.

The state passes laws imposing serious punishments on many serious crimes such as:

  • Dangerous weapons crimes
  • Sexual assaults
  • Drug-related crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Identity thefts
  • Racketeering
  • First-degree crimes such as murders

Typical cases handled my criminal lawyers in Orange County, CA

Our criminal defense lawyers in Orange County, CA typically handle the below type of criminal cases all over the county courts. Some of those types of criminal law cases  are:

  • Theft crimes defense
  • Petty theft crimes defense
  • Drug crimes defense
  • Sex crimes defense
  • Bench and Arrest warrant defense
  • Domestic violence charges defense
  • Restraining order defense
  • Criminal record expungement
  • Break entering charges defense

These areas of crimes have their own specific and relevant statutory provisions to convict and punish those who violate them.

Gun – Gun control laws in this state are very strict compared to other states in the nation with heavy punishments for possessing and manipulating illegal firearms for the wrong reasons. Gun charges can be a misdemeanor or a felony in the state

Sex crimes – Sexual assault laws in California are very serious and severe. Sex crimes are one of those charges you do not want to take lightly, especially for rape as that is a felony charge.

The penalties are so severe that you wouldn’t want to handle it without the best right Orange County criminal defense attorney on your side.

Drug crimes laws – Any illegal drug crime is frowned on by authorities in the state. The laws work to deter illegal drug activities. Drug laws address the production or distribution of drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine, etc.

Theft laws – In California theft crimes are very comprehensive in prohibiting identity theft and discouraging petty theft or shoplifting. Any activity that manipulates another’s property unlawfully for whatever reason is classified as ‘theft’ in this state. This includes the willful manipulation of personal identification data such as birth date, name or Social Security numbers, etc.

Domestic violence law – In OC, being accused and convicted of a domestic violence can carry a serious consequence. So there are many reasons to hire a law firm that deal with domestic violence cases. They will help you understand the intricate state domestic violence laws

Racketeering laws – in California serve to prohibit criminal activities endorsed by criminal enterprises. This is known as organized crimes which include drug distribution and money laundering that destroys the nation and its people without proper control.

The truth is that whenever you break a criminal law in Orange County, your best bet in avoiding jail time or a long time in prison is to retain a criminal defense lawyer to navigate the system for you.

The state criminal law process can be complicated and you do not want to tackle it without an expert on your side.

Penalties when convicted criminal offenses

Any arrest for crimes in the county will typically result in jail time until bail is posted which you could do directly or with a bail bonds company.

The offender could be charged with an arraignment to state their case before preliminary hearings take place at a later date.

A trial could happen within 45 days of arraignment unless the defending Orange County criminal defense attorney requests more time.

The type of punishment you get when found guilty in a criminal court depends on whether you are convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. Misdemeanor or felony charges cover:

  • petty theft (mostly misdemeanor)
  • assault (a wobbler which can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony)
  • minor drug possession ( most misdemeanor)
  • hit-and-run ( felony or misdemeanor)
  • domestic violence ( felony or misdemeanor)
  • Murder (felony)
  • DUI ( mostly charged as a misdemeanor)

Misdemeanor penalties typically include short jail time and fines. While felony charges carry heavier penalties to include:

  • longer prison time
  • heavier fines
  • major social repercussions

If you find yourself facing felony or misdemeanor charges consult an Orange County criminal attorney to help understand the laws better and the kind of punishments you might be getting if you get convicted.

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