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In need of an experienced Orange County drug crimes lawyer for possessions, sales, trafficking, and manufacturing charges? You need to contact and hire an experienced criminal defense law firm experienced in handling Orange County drug offenses charges.

It is important to hire the best representation for your case because typically drug offense lawyers have seen it all and knows how to navigate the county courtroom to get their clients results.

We highly recommend that you find the right private Orange County drug crimes attorney to help defend you and keep you out of OC jail or prison.

What Are Drug Charges?

Orange County Drugs and narcotics charges can be very serious. The illegal possession or transportation of controlled substances, the sale of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, methamphetamine, manufacturing of narcotics and drugs or even driving under the influence of these substances are all crimes under the California criminal law.

Fortunately, an Orange County drug crimes lawyer can help a great deal in fighting the charges and even securing a drug treatment program that is effective enough. With the help of the right attorney, you can actually have the case thrown out of the court.

Below Are Quick Overview Of California Drug Crimes

Below are some of the types of California drug crimes that an Orange County charges may fall under.

Drug Possession

The possession of drugs in Orange County cities falls under the  California Health and Safety Code § 11350. Some drug possessions can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. The possession of marijuana without a doctor’s approval for medical use, for example, is mostly charged as a misdemeanor.  

Drug possession in the city the county cities under the state law is a wobbler which means that prosecutors can charge the drug offense as a misdemeanor or felony.  OC drug possession can also be an infraction based on  your prior criminal history, the type of and amount of the possession etc.

There is also law for drug possession with the intent to sell it and distribute and the possession to use.

The possession of a drug or drugs typically occur in three ways.

These ways are known as constructive, actual, and joint possession means.

Constructive Possession: This is when you have the right to control the drug even when you don’t have it in your possession.

Actual Possession: This is when you are carrying the drug on you and have it in your possession.

Joint Possession: This is basically when two or more people share actual or constructive possession of a drug(s).

As you can see drug possession can be complicated so it is important that you hire the right drug possession attorney in Orange County for help

Drug Sales 

California Health & Safety Code 11351 states that it a felony to possess the illegal drug for the purpose of selling it. 

Drug sales is a serious offense compared to a simple possession.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is also another serious drug offense that needs to be taken seriously. It carries heavy penalties if convicted of this crime. So what is a drug trafficking then?

The trafficking of a drug(s) is basically when one is administering, furnishing, importing, transporting, selling while crossing state lines.

Manufacturing Of Narcotics

The manufacturing of drugs in Orange County falls under Health & Safety Code 11379.6 HS “Manufacturing Drugs and Narcotics”

Under this law drug manufacturing  may includes the production, compounding, propagation, preparation, conversion, compounding, preparation, and processing of a drug illegally.


The penalties you face for drug offenses charges typically depends on the state and federal law. Some drug crimes are both federal and state offense. And each state and federal have minimal sentencing guidelines which typically determines the penalty you will get. 

The type of penalty you will get also depends on the type of drug, amount, intent, prior history, and whether you had gun with you or murder is involved etc. 

Also whether you case is charged as a misdemeanor or felony determined the severity of the penalty.

Below are some of the penalty you can face if convicted of controlled substance:

  • Three(3) to Nine(9) years in prison 
  • Drivers license suspension
  • Fines
  • Few months in county jail

Because of how serious and severe drug crime penalties in OC are on both the federal and state level, it will do you good to retain an experienced and skilled Orange County drug offense law firm to help defend you.

Possible Defense Strategies For Orange County Drug Crime Charges

There are many defense strategies experienced and smart Orange county drug crimes lawyers can use to get your charges thrown out or reduced significantly.

One of the strategies is to look into how you were arrested. Often times law enforcement will make mistakes like not reading your right properly, using bogus search warrants, and entrapment.

When these mistakes are discovered a lawyer can file for the evidence to be suppressed.

Your experienced and qualified lawyer knows how to best tackle the cases, whether you are guilty or innocent to reduce the charges or sentences. He or she can do this in different ways, including the following.

  • Unveiling ignored California rules in the search and seizure process. Most law enforcers ignore the rules taking advantage of the fact that not many people understand their rights. Your attorney can make great changes in the case by unveiling the ignored rules.
  • Unveil set up suspects used in some cases to nail you. This is usually in violation of California’s entrapment laws. You stand to gain a lot with such revelations on your case.
  • Your attorney will also tackle situations where the law enforcers have relied on bogus police informants. It can be quite unfair to be charged based on bogus information given and your attorney will make sure that this does not happen in your case.
  • He will also handle situations where the officers end up misleading the judge so that the search warrants can be bamboozled. You will get justice by ensuring that every process is handled as it should without any loopholes.
  • Police reports can also be exaggerated or made up of outright lies. Alone you will find it very difficult to challenge such reports, but with the help of your drug crime attorney, it is possible to challenge the reports to your advantage.
  • In some cases, you might be arrested without any evidence that the drugs were indeed yours. Lack of such evidence can get you off the hook and this is something your attorney can help achieve with ease. These are some of the ways your attorney can help your case by identifying areas where the officers went wrong in implicating you.

Connect With An Drug Crimes Lawyer For Free Consultation For Possession, Sales, Trafficking, Manufacturing Cases

It is advisable to seek the services of experienced qualified attorney especially in serious offenses such as those involving drugs and narcotics. Without an attorney, it would be hard for you to fight your case with the prosecution.

An experienced Orange County drug crimes lawyer knows exactly how to go about the process to ensure that everything is correct and fair to your advantage.

You will be surprised by how a small overlooked issue by the law enforcers has a way of setting you free from all the charges.

Drug crimes lawyers scrutinize your case from all the angles to come up with the best way to help you out or ease the sentence or penalties.