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Orange County criminal record expungement attorneys

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Orange County criminal record expungements

Some convictions on Orange County residents can be sealed through a legal process.

This process is called expungement and can be exercised by a criminal offender under certain conditions.

In other words, by this order, the records relating to the offense are ‘expunged’ and he or she is not obliged to reveal the offense to any person, of course, except under certain circumstances.

In order to avail of the benefits of this provision, the person should have completed the probation period.

Further, he or she should have attended all the appearances of the court.

In addition to this either during probation or thereafter, he or she should not have committed any other offense.

However, persons charged with certain serious offenses related to child law, sodomy, and so on would not be eligible for the benefits under this principle.

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Expungement vs pardon

What is the difference between a pardon and expungement?

An OC criminal expungement is different from a pardon.

When the records are expunged, it is as if the offense has not taken place at all.

But, pardoning will not ‘erase’ the offense or the event.

Therefore, when the person whose records are ‘expunged’ can claim no offense has been committed by him or her except while applying for jobs with federal agencies.

In such cases, he or she will have to mention there is a record that is ‘expunged’.

But, a person who is pardoned cannot hide the offense under any circumstances.

The application process

For availing the benefit of expunging of the records the person will have to make an application to the concerned judge.

However, the application for expunging the records should be made within the specified period.

The person can avail the assistance of a criminal record expungement attorney to represent this case before the relevant judge.

Although the record requested to be expunged relates to a criminal offense, the application for expunging the record is regarded as a civil suit.

Of course, there are several criminal attorneys in Orange County area who are sufficiently experienced in dealing with matters relating to the expunging of criminal records.

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